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Tiger Knight: Battle Royale is an action-strategy game that integrates cold weapon and survival gameplay. The epic battlefield in the game is set around the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China when a special department called JingWu was created for selecting and training for an elite fighting force. The Battle Royale game-mode engage players with tense fights using cold weapons including bow, crossbow, blade, sword, spear and shield in an ancient battlefield that blends mounted combat, assassin, beast, plunder, kite and other impressive elements with survival gameplay. In the game, you need to find and upgrade weapons and armor, and fight to survive till the end, while the safe area shrinks over time due to toxic fog. Except for team mode of 3 players, the innovative free-ally mode allows players to play in squads, up to 35 players per squad, to carry out a large-scale combat training.
  • Deadly Fights with Cold Weapons
    As the core of combat in the game, cold weapons are reproduced heavily based on ancient models that provides more realistic action gaming and survival experience.
  • Scenes that Combine Han Dynasty and Rome Features
    Players explore the ancient scenes to scavenge for weapons, and run through or fight in the buildings and structures that feature Roman and Han Dynasty styles.
  • Fierce Beasts Increases the Pressure of Survival
    The giant wolves, leopards, bears and other beasts wandering alone or in groups in the wild could threaten your survival in the game.
  • Team Plunder Requires Both Wisdom and Bravery
    In certain times and fields, there are treasure vehicles escorted by strong troops and led by famous generals of the Three Kingdoms. Players can team up to plunder the vehicles for senior weapons and armor to enhance their ability.
  • Innovative Free-Ally Mode for a Large-Scale Combat
    The game innovatively created a free-ally mode that allows players to play in squads, up to 35 players per squad, to carry out a large-scale combat training of elites in an ancient battleground.
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